Everyone Has a Story to Tell. And Here Is Ours.

We are the Taylor Mill Tigers. We are learners and leaders. And we are geniuses. Students, teachers, support staff, administrators, and families all know that we each have unique strengths that, when brought together, make something really special. Along our special journey together, what we call our Path to Greatness, we all have our own stories.

We know we have something special here, a special something where we all have a voice, our gifts are offered and celebrated, and we are comfortable taking risks and working to be the best version of ourselves. We have an urgency and love that is fully dedicated to our students because we realize the amazing impact we have on them and their futures.

Moments of Genius is in essence about storytelling. The moments of genius that will help us reflect, create, share, connect, learn, celebrate, lead, challenge, inspire, and define us as Taylor Mill Geniuses. A story can be confined to the heart, but it is best when shared.


Melody Stacy, Lead Storyteller, Principal, Taylor Mill Elementary


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