The Genius of AND

This is the first post in a four-part series around our Sticky Core Values. This blog is co-written by Blair Hicks, currently a 5th grade Taylor Mill Leader, Erik Larson, currently a 3rd grade Taylor Mill Leader, Kelly Savicki, currently a Counselor and Taylor Mill Leader, and Melody Stacy, currently Believer-in-Chief at Taylor Mill Elementary. INSPIRE Are you ready for a pop quiz? Yes? Ok, … Continue reading The Genius of AND

Don’t Forget the Fiction!

Elementary school teachers all across the United States are facing a major problem: a time shortage.  It seems like every year teachers are asked to cram more and more content into the school day. With more reading, math, and writing requirements being squeezed in, other important subjects such as science and social studies often fall to the wayside.  Most schools argue that reading and writing … Continue reading Don’t Forget the Fiction!

Watch out Kindergarten, Here I Come

Kindergarten is changing and parents are feeling pressure to prepare their children for their first school experience. While some may fret that reading and doing addition are prerequisites for kindergarten these days, your child likely possesses many of the skills he or she needs to be successful as they begins school. As a Kindergarten teacher for over 20 years, I can tell you exactly what … Continue reading Watch out Kindergarten, Here I Come

The BIG Plan: Making Meaningful Connections and Setting High Expectations During “WIN” Time

Throughout history, schools have always been the vessel for change, whether it be to meet the demands of curriculum, to meet the world standards of education or for the needs of students. We here at Taylor Mill Elementary introduced a big change for our students during the 2017/18 school year. We introduced “WIN”—a daily time set aside for ‘what I need’ as a way to … Continue reading The BIG Plan: Making Meaningful Connections and Setting High Expectations During “WIN” Time

Success. It’s Found in the Small Stuff.

My dad is the youngest of 5 children. He was only three when his father died suddenly.  My grandmother was unable to care for them, so they were placed in the Covington Children’s Protestant Home until she was able to support them. Afterwards, they lived in public housing in Covington. My dad struggled as a student and was told by some teachers that he’d never … Continue reading Success. It’s Found in the Small Stuff.